The Announcement of The First Six Teams to Receive $50k Grants

This is the very moment to finally announce the first batch of Ukrainian startups who receive $50k grant support. There are six teams, six different ideas, approaches, aims, and fields.

Meet our heroes

  • Book Box


    CEO Andrii Orlyk

    Book Box is a B2B reading service. The startup is convinced that reading increases team engagement, performance, and retention. It appears, it works. Among Book Box clients are Unilever, Abbott, Airslate, Waze, Kernel, and many others.

  • CEO Mykola Mashkovskyi

    The team helps companies to streamline onboarding processes and to comply with regulations by providing automated verification and compliance took.

  • DrugCards


    CEO Dmytro Horilyk

    DrugCards is a Ukrainian healthtech/pharmatech startup that collects data about medicines by scanning worldwide medical literature in 100 languages while doing it 60 times faster than a person and reducing the risks of human errors.



    CEO Anatoly Popel

    CASES is an EdTech and Social Network for creative industries. Currently, they are working with designers, helping with communication, sharing ideas, and connecting them with potential employers.

  • ByOwls


    CEO Mykhailo Buravkov

    The team develops virtual production and virtual reality software for the game and film industries, and their tool for Unreal Engine is used worldwide by game studios, TV channels, and filmmakers.

  • CEO Volodymyr Polo

    AcademyOcean is a smart learning management system, that helps businesses to train their employees, customers, and partners.

Startups will use grant money to support Ukrainian teams while scaling and accelerating their potential in other markets. Congratulations to the first six teams we are really proud of!

More to come.